"We hired Javier Sanchez to complete a job on our roof terrace that had been started by a talented young architecture student who was not experienced enough to execute the details.  Javier came to the rescue! Javier corrected what was not working on our terrace mechanically as well as from a design perspective. He kept costs in line and completed the work in a timely manner.  He was present on site, supervising and when need be, he rolled up his sleeves and helped get the job done.  His workers and trades people understand his standards.  He respects them and they do a good job in return.  They clean up after themselves.  Debris is removed and disposed of responsibly.
Subsequently we have used Javier Sanchez for other projects that have required developing a solution and coordinating numerous trades people.  He is an excellent project manager. He gets the work done without a lot of drama and the results exceed expectation. 
What impresses me the most about Javier are his problem solving ability and his knack for understanding his client’s needs.  He does not let his ego get in the way of designing for what the client is asking for. He does not arrive on site with “a rubber stamp signature design plan” in tow.  He listens, thinks and proposes a resolution. He has been a dream come true. Where I previously was learning to settle for 70% (My Merida mantra had become, “You can’t always get what you want, you get what you get.”) as “good enough” we now know where to go when aiming for 100%."
Thank you Javier!

Betsy Alger (and Jim Black)

"Javier was introduced to us by our property manager to perform a remodeling project on our home in Mérida.
We meet with Javier to discuss this project. Within a short time, he presented us with 3 options and the price of each option. He introduced us to his head carpenter who would be performing and overseeing the project along with Javier. 
The work was completed while we were in the United States. Our property manager informed us that the utmost care had been taken to ensure that there would be no damage to the interior of our home and indeed, there was none.
During the construction, Javier sent us numerous emails with photos, describing the progress.
Javier is very caring, professional and extremely conscientious.
We would highly recommend him."

Jim & Judy Goar
Sarasota, Florida

"This talented architect received the national Alberto J. Pani Architectural Composition award and took  first place in the Biennial of Architecture of the State of México. He was invited to participate in the 2009 Marcus Corporation Foundation Architectural Prize competition. He believes strong collaboration, communication, and trust among the work teams and with the clients are the key. A recent Centro client praised his lovely design for her renovated home and reported he was "very amenable to and patient" with her requests."

by Mérida Verde, A.C.

"Our goal in working with Javier on our remodel project was to strike a balance between a traditional hacienda feeling, contemporary design elements, and modern conveniences and comforts.
Javier´s creativity and insight in being able to assemble and transform the disparate parts was incredible. His vast knowledge of local building materials and applications added elements to the project that are uniquely Yucatecan. Moreover, his ability to execute the plan and communicate his progress to us 2500 miles away really was amazing.
Whenever we came up with new ideas and thoughts, Javier both welcomed and considered them. His flexibility and willingness to change, always considering the budget, is refreshing. Ultimately, the project came to feel like a very successful collaboration with an absolutely gorgeous outcome.
The entire process was extremely satisfying. Javier is a true professional and recommend him without reservation."

Gail & Gerry Eiselman.

 "I offered to write this testimonial for Javier to post on his site, because I genuinely want others to have the same positive experience and wonderful outcome that I did in working with this talented young architect. My project was to renovate my brother's vacation home in Merida, by upgrading windows and doorways, refreshing terracotta-tiled floors, and painting and repairing the pool. More ambitiously, we were to add a rooftop terrace with a palapa wet bar at one end of the home (overtop of the living and dining room areas, covering a space of about 20 feet x 10 feet). The project was to take several weeks, with the majority of the time spent on the key rooftop project. Since the rooftop itself was angled, it had to first be levelled through masonry work. This phase of the project went very smoothly and with a minimum of disruption to the household.
The design of the rooftop terrace and palapa was very important, and Javier did several concepts until we arrived at the best approach. To provide access to the roof, a spiral staircase was to be added to the inside courtyard of the home. This aspect, in particular, is where Javier’s talents truly shone. He designed a unique staircase that included customized iron-cast railing and posts, as well as individually cast steps filled with a thin layer of concrete. The result was that the staircase appears light and airy and is as elegant to observe from above, as it is from below.
Javier not only provided the design work, but he also acted as a general contractor for the project, securing the services of tradesmen and artisans, and then overseeing all that they did. In all, he worked with stone and masonry people, an ironwork caster, carpenters, electricians and plumbers, landscapers and a palapa builder. Javier also worked with a craftsmen to design a dining room table and chairs, a large wall unit, and a studio desk—all harmonizing in texture and flow.
The house teemed with people as we worked to complete the project prior to my brother's visit in February. The atmosphere was busy, dynamic and happy each and every day. Javier’s team of experienced workers were prompt in their arrival each day and thorough in their work. Javier himself attended the project at least once a day, and usually more than once to ensure everything went according to plan.
In the end, we saw an amazing renovation and extension of the home that is marvelled at by all who visit. I would recommend Javier in any type of home renovation or construction. He is well versed in jobs both large and small and works with economy and timeliness uppermost in his mind. He is a client’s dream come true...a talented designer, an efficient supervisor, a well-connected contractor and a true gentlemen.
During the project, I had the pleasure of meeting Javier’s lovely wife, Laura and wonderful young boys, Max and Emmanuel. I am happy to count them all as wonderful new friends in Merida, and I know that, no matter what may arise, I can turn to Javier for help".

Sandra Martin
Toronto, Canada

"Professional, attention to detail and creative are the words that best describe the architect Javier Sanchez Roman. We commissioned Sanchez Roman in March of 2009 to design and build our beach house in the Mexican Yucatan. From the beginning design to the final construction the process was very professional and flawless. While we were back at our home in Chicago Sanchez Roman gave us very detailed weekly reports, complete with photos describing the previous week’s works, as well what work the following week would bring. Living almost 4000 kilometers away these reports allowed us to view the work in progress almost as if we were on site. In addition to the quality construction, Sanchez Roman was on target with the construction budget. We were informed of any required changes or additional expenses prior to the expenditure. In addition Sanchez Roman took care of all permitting and dealt effectively with all the local authorities.
After nine months of construction we are the very proud owners of a beautiful, functional and very well constructed beach house in San Benito Mexico. Now almost a year after the final construction Sanchez Roman is still actively involved in additional improvements to our new home.
We plan on building another home in the Merida area in the very near future, and Sanchez Roman will also be our partner in that project as well.
Not only did we come upon a great architect & builder, we also welcome Javier as one of our very close friends.
We highly recommend the architect & builder Javier Sanchez Roman; we would be more than happy to share our thoughts with anyone who may consider commissioning his services".

Tyler & Kelly Temple
Yorkville, IL 60560 USA

"We are delighted to announce that you have been nominated as a candidate for the 2009 Marcus Corporation Foundation Architectural Prize – an important recognition for the practice of architecture.
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning, through the vision and generosity of Milwaukee’s Marcus Corporation Foundation, has initiated a bi-yearly architectural prize to recognize the talent and achievements of young architects at the beginning of their greatness. The award brings international recognition to the subject of architecture and provides an opportunity for architects, at the early stages of their carrer, to be recognized for their outstanding work and date – and their promise of greatness in the future.
You were nominated by one of the members of our distinguished nominating committee comprised of leading international architects, designers, educators and journalists. We hope you will accept the nomination to be considered for this award. The attached instruction sheet will provide you with guidelines for submission of materials for the jurors. Please note that your submission must be received by Monday, May 4th, 2009. Please use express mail to confirm a record of delivery.
On behalf of the university and the Marcus Corporation Foundation, we want to congratulate you on this important recognition and we look forward to your submittal. Please direct all your correspondence to the Professional Advisor for the Marcus Prize":

Cindy Coleman
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Architecture and Urban Planning
2131 East Hartford Avenue,
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53211. USA

"Quisiera que esta carta fuera un reconocimiento al profesionalismo y dedicación que le tuvieron al proyecto de la remodelación de la fachada del edificio de nuestro corporativo en Tlanepantla, Estado de México. Me es difícil hablar de arquitectura, sin embargo si puedo hablar de la importancia que ha tenido para nosotros los elogios que hemos recibido de nuestros visitantes incluso de los mismos que laboramos aquí. El tiempo posterior a la remodelación nos hemos sentido muy cómodos y curiosamente seguros pues el diseño es de una fuerza y proporción muy especiales. Todo esto tiene mayor significado cuando recuerdo nuestra relación con sincera amistad y compromiso mutuo.
Es por eso que les extiendo esta carta de recomendación para los fines que consideren necesarios".

Con admiración y respeto:

Lic. Hortensia Cazares Avelar.
Laboratorios Licon

"Por medio de la presente quiero manifestar nuestro respaldo a la calidad del trabajo del Arq. Javier Sánchez, a quien tuvimos a bien encargar el diseño y supervisión de la casa particular de quien firma.
Debo subrayar que el trabajo se hizo sobre una obra negra adquirida con anterioridad, la cual fue remodelada y terminada durante el año 1998 y principios de1999.
El resultado final fue extraordinario. La habilidad del Arq. Javier Sánchez para sacar provecho a lo existente y plasmar su sello aún es objeto de comentarios entre los visistantes.
Sin duda, el valor de la casa terminada supera con creces la inversión hecha en ella, el proyecto y la remodelación".


Juan Pablo Romero Havaux.
D.G. Grupo Romero.

"El tiempo que ha pasado, poco mas de tres años de las labores de remodelación de mi casa, han servido para valorar de manera constante el cambio, a veces sutil y a veces agresivo, que tuvo la casa original, como en alguna ocasión lo platicamos, se requiere de tiempo para poder darse cuenta de lo que pasó, de cómo ha madurado el proyecto, de cómo se ha integrado al medio y a nosotros mismos, como familia.
Está por demás comentarte que estamos muy satisfechos de los resultados.
Por lo que sirva la presente como recomendación de tu trabajo, pues siempre te desempeñaste con responsabilidad y entusiasmo".

Un abrazo y saludos de mi familia.

Sr. Humberto Zurita Moreno.

"Por este medio hacemos reconocimiento a la labor que han desarrollado en ABB – México, durante estos últimos tres años, labor en la que principalmente ha destacado su análisis para encontrar las soluciones mas adecuadas a nuestras necesidades, manteniéndose de manera constante la seriedad y calidad de sus propuestas arquitectónicas, así como la calidad de las obras que han ejecutado en nuestras instalaciones., razones por las que incluso, han ganado el reconocimiento de las autoridades estatales.
Recomendamos ampliamente su trabajo, seguros de que llevaran a buen término cualquier labor que deseen emprender.
Agradeciendo su colaboración y aportación a los trabajos comunes, quedamos a sus órdenes, reiterándoles nuestra consideración mas distinguida".


Ing. Benny Olsson N.
Director General Corporativo

"Ante todo, quiero transmitirle mis mejores saludos juntamente con mi mas sentidas felicitaciones por la elaboración del nuevo proyecto de la Casa Cural. Realmente me ha gustado mucho por el aprovechamiento de los espacios y sobre todo por la sencillez, elegancia y luminosidad de dichas áreas.
La concepción del proyecto refleja muy bien los elementos que deben distinguirse y que muy bien lo expresa en la descripción que me hace de los elementos que lo componen: el ala, el patio cubierto, el patio abierto, y el jardín con su alberca y pequeña palapa.
Otra nota que lo distingue es que están bien diferenciadas e integradas en el plano todas las diversas dependencias y en sitios muy bien conceptuados que dan como resultado un excelente funcionamiento en todos los espacios.
Con esta quiero corresponder a todo su esfuerzo y esmerada realización y concepción del proyecto, agradeciéndole en lo personal su valiosa ayuda".

Quedo de usted, suyo afectísimo:

Pbro. Héctor Romo.
Casa Cural, Isla Mujeres.
Quintana Roo.